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What is a wellness retreat?

We all recognise the importance of restoring some harmony back to our lives after being in lockdown owing to covid-19, and the emotional distress and uncertainty that this has created.

Wellness retreats are a highly effective way to feel more attuned with our body and mind, by giving us that inner peace and emotional release which we currently crave.

We need to be in a good place mentally, and spiritually which means looking after our mental health and spiritual self. Higher levels of cortisol caused by our being in a state of constant fight or flight  are bad for our health on so many levels. Excess cortisol suppresses the immune system leading to dis-ease and illness.

Typically, wellness retreats are carried out in places of relaxation, which promote calm environments and the chance to learn new skills or idevelop new interests.

They commence with a meet and greet, a calming tea or water and perhaps a nutritious snack. A gentle restorative Yoga session is then practiced ending with a beautiful relaxation.  Next there may be a workshop with topics such as managing anxiety,  beginners meditation or perhaps a talk about nutrition. A healthy delicious lunch follows with time to chat and the day will end with a healing sound bath where instruments with different vibrations are played. Sound waves work their magic on a cellular level putting the body into a deeply relaxed meditative state. Option holistic therapies may also be included in the retreat.

Simply enjoying healthy treatments like an indian head massage or having time to reflect and relax can give us a renewed and positive outlook on life together with amazing health benefits.

The benefits of  wellness retreats:

  • Your overall state of health and well-being is looked at, by having access to holistic therapies that treat you on every level such as reflexology, aromatherapy, and energy healing combined with activities such as yoga, meditation and sound healing
  • Retreats offer the benefit of physical, emotional and psychological withdrawal from the stresses and strains of the new normal
  • Stepping back from day to day life, slowing down, relaxing and unwinding with no distractions
  • Rediscovering ourselves and recognising the daily pressures which can detox and drain
  • A chance to escape from the toxic effects of noise, information overload, technology and unrealistic demand
  • To enjoy a safe haven with like minded people. 
Whilst we are all adjusting to our new way of life, it is really important to reach out and find other ways to detach ourselves from days when we can feel most anxious.

It is on these up and down days that we are most vulnerable and by introducing a relaxing regime in the way of yoga, meditation or sound healing to our lifestyles, it does give us a much needed lift.

Instantly, there is a feeling of inner harmony with our own body and mind, which is evenly balanced with positive energies and not least because yoga improves concentration with the added benefit of looking more toned and becoming stronger. 

As the founder of Lifestyle Holistic Therapy, and a firm advocate of wellness retreats myself, it is quite a humbling experience meeting similar open minded  souls who have changed their lifestyles to find that inner harmony and taken the time out for much needed self care. You cannot pour from an empty cup.
So get out of your comfort zone, and take the plunge with a wellness retreat, in whatever shape or form that comes right now, you will reap the instant benefits. 

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