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What is Hopi ear candling?

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Hopi ear candling is not a well-known practice, unless you are a fan of holistic therapies but it does help to provide relief for symptoms associated with the ear, nose and throat.

Hopi means ‘peaceful people’ because this gentle therapy is recognised for its calming and relaxing effects.  

Otherwise known as ’coning’ or ‘t
hermal auricular therapy’, ear candling can promote deep relaxation, relieve stress, promote general good health and well-being whilst also facilitating in the removal of ear wax. 

It’s other benefits include:

  • Removal of compacted wax
  • Ease of irritation in ears and sinuses
  • It opens up nasal breathing
  • Helps to regulate pressure and pain in cases of sinusitis, rhinitis or migraines
  • Simulates energy points and reflex zones
  • Improves lymphatic circulation
  • Reduces noises in the ear such as ringing or tinnitus

Hopi ear candle treatment can be helpful for many problems and conditions, including the following:

      -  Sinusitis or catarrh
      -  Tinnitus
      -  Hay fever
      -  Headaches or migraines
      -  Anxiety and stress
      -  Loosens excessive ear wax 
      -  Ear pressure due to flying
      -  Vertigo and dizziness
      -  Asthma
      -  Snoring
      -  Colds and flu
     -   Ear ache or glue ear

Whilst felt by some as an alternative to ear syringing, the treatment involves placing an ear candle – a hollow tube made of cotton, and soaked in natural ingredients such as beeswax, honey and herbs – into the ear canal.

As each ear is treated separately, the candle gently burns down and acts like a ‘chimney’ effect, warming the air inside which rises and escapes. This helps to draw out the ear wax in the process. 

The flicker of the flame creates vibrations that massage the eardrum, helping to remove excess wax and impurities whilst the herbal vapours from the candle into the ear canal help to soothe and balance.

As the candle burns down, you will hear a crackling sound which creates a relaxing experience together with a feeling of warmth and comfort and an infusion of herbs and essential oils.

The removal of excess wax and impurities helps to clear the inner ear and sinuses, regulates ear pressure and creates a lighter sensation in the head and ears.

Some people feel that Hopi ear candles provide more relief for blocked ears than ear syringing because the treatment draws the wax from the ear rather than compacting it.

The ear candling treatment can be followed by a massage of the outer ear, followed by a pressure point and lymphatic drainage massage of the face and this complements the effects of the ear candling by helping to release blockages in the sinuses and ears.

Ear candling is a natural and non-invasive process but there are certain conditions that would prevent treatment. At the start of the session, we conduct a pre-consultation of all our clients which includes going through a medical check list and current symptoms to help assess if ear candling is the right treatment for you.

You will then be placed in a comfortable position on your side before a Hopi candle is placed in your ear and held in place. A session can last for approximately one hour.

Some people may experience relief almost after the first session but more may be needed depending on the nature of your ailment. But many people find that the positive side effects are better clarity of sound and an immediate relief of pressure in the ears or sinuses.

If you would like to experience Hopi ear candling, please contact us here to arrange a booking.

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