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Understanding our chakras and crystal healing


Chakras, otherwise known as wheels, are energy portals that are distributed all over your body.  These chakras are responsible for the smooth flow of energy from one part of the body to another. They correspond to large nerve centres in the body.

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We  have seven chakras from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each of our chakras is affected by our thoughts, experiences and emotions which can be positive or negative. We can all be exposed to stress, or toxic influences which build up to create negative energies and these can disrupt the natural flow of our chakras, stopping energy from flowing freely throughout the body. As well as negative energy from our day to day lives, the chakras can be affected by experiences in our past.

This poor energy flow or blockage usually shows itself as physical, emotional or spiritual disease.  But it is possible to reverse this, by chakra clearing and balancing techniques such as crystal healing, reiki and meditation. 

The amazing ability of crystals to absorb and remove certain types of energy from your body is often understated. But whilst absorbing negative energy, they can also push energy back into your body, mind or spirit. By balancing chakras or energy points, using a combination of gemstones or crystals on the body, this can draw out negative energies which can have an uplifting and therapeutic effect.

Understanding the chakras

1. Root chakra: Red

The root or base chakra is thought to be the origin of one’s energy and vitality .It is responsible for our basic needs; safety, security and stability. It governs the kidneys, bladder and hips. This chakra is located at your tailbone. If your root chakra is out of balance, you may experience fear, insecurity and anxiety. You may also start experiencing physical problems such as diarrhea, constipation, increased need to urinate and kidney stones. Rheumatoid arthritis is also linked to a blockage in this chakra. Healing gemstones can include red carnelian for strength and courage, red jasper to cleanse and balance or bloodstone which is used for spiritual grounding to cleanse and balance.

2. Sacral chakra: Orange
The sacral chakra, is characterised by the colour orange. This energy portal controls the stomach and related organs such as the male and female primary sexual organs as well as the ovaries, prostate and testes. It is also responsible for a person’s desire to succeed. Creativity is also thought to stem from the sacral chakra. If the sacral chakra is blocked, the person may experience fear, emotional instabilty and sexual dysfunction. a lck of creative flow, addictions and anxiety. Healing gemstones are carnelian to give you a bost of energy, motivation, a zest for life and sexual fire and amber to absorb negative stagnant energy.

3. Solar plexus chakra: Yellow
The solar plexus chakra, characterised by the colour yellow controls the liver, spleen and small intestines. This is linked to confidence, self confidence and self esteem, It is our personal power centre. Our gut. It governs us having a practical disposition and using our intelligence. Any blockage of the solar plexus chakra usually manifests itself as liver disease, ulcers, pancreatitis, depression,  excessive worry and lack of self confidence. Healing stones are citrine to raise self esteem, joy for life, wealth and success and beautiful tigers eye to bring strength, courage and focus the mind, bringing clarity unclouded by emotions.

4. Heart chakra: Green
The heart chakra is green and it’s located where your heart is. This governs your immunity heart and lungs, ability to feel love and compassion as well as the ability to be forgiving. When your heart chakra is working as it should, you are more likely to be sympathetic, generous, humble and romantic. When blocked you have trouble loving yourself and may 
hold others at arms length due to emotional trauma.  You can become emotionally detached and numb. A blocked heart chakra may result in chest complaints and asthma. Healing rose quartz is best to help unblock the heart chakra. The universal stone of love and compassion, it brings about peace, forgiveness and unconditional love. Green adventurine is also for the heart chakra to help embrace change and new patterns, allowing yourself to move forward.
5. Throat chakra: Blue
The throat chakra is represented by blue and this governs your ability to express yourself openly. Bronchitis, asthma, mouth ulcers and tonsillitis have all been linked to an out-of-balance throat chakra. Green and light blue stones are associated with the throat and communication. Aquamarine is well known for assisting with an unobstructed flow of communication. Turquoise dispels negative energy and allows for clearer thinking. It helps to calm the nerves when speaking in public. Green/pink calcite, green malachite, and green agate can all play essential roles in the healing of a sore throat. Amazonite is a green and turquoise-green stone that can be used to treat nervous system disorders, but it also helps with issues with the thyroid gland and the throat. Blue sodalite encourages you to speak your truth.

6. Brow chakra: Indigo
The brow chakra is characterised by indigo, and is located in-between your eyes at brow level. It is associated with the pituitary gland which includes your eyes and sinuses. When balanced, you are more fearless, wise, a truth-seeker and intuitive. It is linked with being spiritual and when it is blocked it affects your ability to concentrate and think clearly. Headaches, migraines and insomnia are  major side effects. Also anxiety and depression. The purple gemstone Amethyst is best for third eye chakra healing with calming, soothing properties. It is healing and purifying helping alleviate stress, grief, sadness and negativity.

7. Crown chakra: Violet
The crown chakra, characterised by violet, is at the crown of your head and is associated with the pineal gland. It is thought that mentally strong and creative people have a well-balanced crown chakra. An imbalance can cause you become detatched from reality, be a bit spacey with no inspiration. Moonstone is a healing gemstone, and its healing vibrations work in both the upper and lower crown chakra or clear quartz will help heal and balance your other chakras.

A crystal healing treatment with reiki can help to rebalance you on all levels and is incredibly relaxing and healing. As part of your initial consultation, I would make an assessment of your condition based on your symptoms and how your chakras are atb the time and then choose the stones appropriate to your healing. The 45 minute treatment  would include relaxation/meditation, chakra balancing using the crystals, reiki healing and finally a rejuvenating head massage. The customer is fully clothed during the session and will be lying down on a comfortable therapy bed with blankets and maybe a lavender eye pillow to help you relax. Aromatherapy oils are burning and gentle music will be played.

I do believe that holistic treatments such as crystals are a natural and effective detoxifier and destressor and used on a regular basis, can change the way that we deal with situations so we become less stressed.

Once the negative flow is removed, and you are back in harmony with your body, and realise how much more rested and happy you feel, this can make many people rethink how they deal with stress and toxic influences in their life. Think of the treatment as an energetic detox. Negative emotions can be brought to the surface that have stagnated for some time and after their release the healing can continue.

The perfect rebalancing treatment and pick me up that we all need from time to time.

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Love this guide on chakras and healing crystals <3
Angelica | Takanta 26th February 2021 12:59
Great overview of the different types of chakras. Very handy for those who want to learn more about their specific benefits. For those who wish to learn more about angel numbers, feel free to drop by Takanta some time ;)

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