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Migraines can affect quality of life. Indian head massage can help

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If you suffer from migraines you know they can affect quality of life and be really debilitating putting your life on hold when one strikes. The symptoms of a bad migraine can be anything from dizziness, and feeling sick to sensitivity to bright lights and if experienced on a regular basis, can become a vicious circle unless you identify the trigger signals for the start of a migraine.

I recently treated one customer, with an Indian head massage. She had started a new job and had never experienced migraines before until she realised that when she became stressed, the early symptoms of a migraine would start.  

Her migraines were giving her cluster headaches and after speaking to her as part of the first free consultation, I suggested that she try an Indian head massage.  

Indian head massages do not always work for everyone with migraines, but can be a quick fix if your migraines come in short bursts and you need instant relief. The benefits of this type of massage include to detox, de stress and relieve tension that builds up in the back, neck, shoulders ans scalp. It can help with reducing the severity and frequency of migraines.


After the treatment, the customer was extremely relaxed and felt much better. The combined effect of masage, accupuncture and reiki had made an impact. The customer made the decision to leave their stressful job in the weeks after the treatment, but did not experience as intense a migraine again.

If you are a migraine sufferer, whether that’s experiencing them for the first time or for several years perhaps, book in for your free consultation where we can discuss the best massage techniques to use.  My overall aim is always for the customer to leave my treatment room with a happier contented and more relaxed mindset.

Sometimes, one session can be enough or a series of sessions are required to keep the condition manageable but if the pain ever gets worse, then that particular treatment just isn’t for you and a different remedy can be sought.

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