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How Reflexology can help Fertility

Supporting the Fertility Journey using Reflexology.

We aim to use reflexology as a part of lifestyle changes or adaptations for at least 3 months prior to trying to conceive; allowing time for the menstrual cycle to balance itself.  Reflexology naturally balances hormonal issues, irregular cycle, PMT and can help with heavy periods.

Stress has been proven to effect fertility.  Male fertility has declined by 50% in the last 50 years in Western countries. Many experts give various suggestions, diet, pesticides, and oestrogen in the water supply. There are many ways to help boost fertility and reflexology is definitely one of them.

Our reflexology sessions focus on stress busting and balancing hormonal issues. It is ideal if both partners try the treatments if possible and this will be encouraged.

Lynn Paalman qualified in Aromatherapy in 1995; it was during the training that she was first introduced to Reflexology as it was used as a diagnostic tool to help blend a suitable mixture of oils for each individual.  It took several years until Lynn had the time to devote to studying and finally qualified in 2017, since then she has experienced Sally Kay’s Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage workshops and the Gaia school’s Supporting the Fertility journey. 

There is so much to learn still about Reflexology and lots of evidence keeps appearing in medical journals supporting what Reflexologists already believe; that it is an extraordinary treatment which can help with lots of physical and mental issues without it being as intrusive as other hands on treatments.

If you would like an informal chat with Lynn, book in for your consultation and try a fertility reflexology treatment.

Lynn works Wednesdays. Book here https://Lifestyleholistictherapy.book.app

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