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Reiki distance healing

As part of Reiki awareness week, it is perfect timing to talk about our new wellbeing and Reiki distance healing service launching over the next week. 


Reiki has been around for thousands of years. The concept was first developed in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist called Mikao Usui, who taught 2,000 people the Reiki method during his lifetime.  


Reiki means Life Force Energy. It is a complementary therapy that harnesses the practitioner's energy via a biomagnetic field to help heal the body from a cellular level. It can be hands on or hands off through intent and positive thought. 


By activating the body's natural healing process, physical and emotional wellbeing is restored. Distance healing (Reiki) can be likened to a mother’s love. You cannot see it but you can certainly feel it as you can be sent good wishes and feel this even when someone is not present. Everything is about energy according to Einstein and vibrations are raised during a reiki healing session. These frequencies help to put the body into a state of self healing.


According to Mikao Usui, Reiki is:

“The secret method of inviting good fortune. The marvellous medicine for all sickness”

The UK Reiki Federation firmly believes in its spiritual power and as a network of Reiki practitioners, who practice this method in their work, know that it does work. The amazing effects of Reiki cannot be underestimated and with plenty of anecdotal evidence to support its benefits, and once people try Reiki for the first time, they are soon converted.

The benefits of Reiki are many: 

  • Reiki can help us cope by encouraging relaxation and bringing balance to both mind and emotions
  • It involves the transfer of energy by laying on hands. A form of energy therapy, advocates believe that it can treat many conditions and emotional states
  • Reiki creates greater inner peace.  It aids restful sleep and can help us manage conditions and reduce the effects of anxiety,  stress and depression. 
  • The UK Reiki Federation reports that clients of their Reiki practitioner members include ‘deep relaxation, promoting a calm, peaceful sense of wellbeing on all levels’
  • Reiki can encourage and support positive personal choices, by improving diet, taking more time for exercise, and for rest or leisure activities
  • The power of Reiki can create greater inner harmony and balance, with regular Reiki treatments believed to promote a calmer way to manage life’s challenges.
  • Reiki’s gentle energy can be adapted to certain medical conditions and is used safely by all including those with cancer, those who are pregnant, animals and children


The UK Reiki Federation has a history of trying to promote the pioneering use of Reiki and firmly believes in its spiritual benefits to harmonise and rebalance all areas of life, whilst promoting self-healing.


Reiki is currently being practiced across the NHS, in spas, spiritual retreats, at harmony events and hospices and is being accepted as a spiritual guide and to raise awareness of the many ways in which Reiki can be used. 


From a personal level, I was instantly converted, as was a recent customer who received my distance reiki healing service. They were having personal stresses and had a lot on their mind during the pandemic and recent lockdown. We chose an allotted time when I would channel into their energies, and send positive Reiki healing, whilst they found a quiet place to relax in the comfort of their own home. The feedback was positive, and they had felt the Reiki starting to work, as they went into a completely relaxed state, mind was less stressful and had a good night’s rest. 


The intention for all of my customers is to send Reiki for a specific time slot so that they can sit down at that time and receive the energy when it is best for them. The more in depth wellness check in also includes an audit of how the client is feeling and some lifestyle questions to help the practitioner hone in on the issues. Then there is a mini meditation prior to the healing being sent. This can be done by phone or zoom. Distance healing without the wellbeing check can be sent at an agreed time including evening for the client's convenience.


The power of Reiki is a personal journey for all who try it, because when you can feel it working and sending good energies, it does reaffirm the good that Reiki can bring to many people’s lives, whether through illness, to encourage good mental health or through busy lifestyles.  


If you would like more harmony in your life, Reiki distance healing can help to rebalance your energies so you are more perfectly harmonised mentally and physically.  


For more information on our service, you can visit here

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