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Managing mental health during Covid-19

As we self-isolate to protect our health and that of others during Covid-19, self-care is more important than ever, and in these unusual times, we want to ensure that everyone is taking good care of their mental health and well-being. 

It is very easy to feel overwhelmed, but here at Lifestyle Holistic Therapy, we are a wellness company which practices holistic health and advocates self-care to boost our good energies and state of mind.

Positive thoughts

One minute, we were planning for our year, the next minute we couldn’t plan into next week and acceptance of this, whilst not forgetting about our plans; we are just putting them on hold is key to our minds staying positive for what will be. Our minds can be prone to overthinking, whilst self-isolating or simply staying at home to heed the medical advice. 

And whilst our emotions may be all over the place, trying to stay positive is the end result. Finding happy moments in our days, from waking up to going to bed; this can be anything from a long overdue beauty face pamper, starting a new exercise regime to get fit, happy moments with family or just learning something new, it gives us a focus so that when we are safe to, can resume our lives fitter, with renewed vigour and with a fuller appreciation of everything we take for granted in life.

Embrace community spirit

Community spirit will be the one great thing that we will remember from all of this, with local communities supporting each other and putting other people first. It’s a good time for all of us to participate in some small way, and in return we can feel in harmony with our wellbeing. Because it will feel good to have helped just one vulnerable person on our doorstep.

Removing negative forces 

Feelings of negativity can harbour in our minds and build up feelings of anxiety. Whilst it is important to stay in touch with the news and latest updates, it is also important to disconnect ourselves from negative stories, public opinion, toxic people and trying to control forces which are out of our control. Controlling what is in reach of you, such as our closest family, for example brings goals we can focus on and which provide some reassurance and consolation.

Self appreciation

It has suddenly become an activity to look forward to, when we can go outside for an hour’s exercise, something that we took for granted before. It is at times like these that we start to appreciate our freedoms, such as visiting friends for a coffee or going to the gym. 

But whilst we have that time to focus on ourselves, think about activities which will bring us relaxation, manage our anxiety or stress, and rebalance our emotions.  Pilates, yoga and meditation are all amazing ways to switch off the noise and what is happening around us, to reawaken our senses and breathe. Now is a good time to take advantage of all online pilates and yoga classes because by tapping into that resource, we can establish some routine to our days. Routine is key now, and however difficult at times, routine breaks up our day and gives us something to look forward to. 

Catching up with family, friends and relatives 

Being apart from our closest family and friends is only for the short term, we may be apart for now but with social media, skype and just making that simple phone call to reconnect with our loved ones, we can feel close and not lonely in our thoughts. It’s amazing how a single call to our parents can be, to brighten up our day or to share funny stories with a friend on whatsapp.  We have to all use the digital resources available to keep us talking, thinking positively and to maintain our wellbeing. 

Allow ourselves off days or time to reflect

Every day will be different, we may wake up one day feeling like we are ready to take anything on, whilst the next day, may switch on the news and feel suddenly anxious. This is all normal behaviour, and we have to allow ourselves to have not so good days. Feeling anxious at times is absolutely normal, if we can then pick ourselves up the next day. By staying connected with others, we don’t feel so alone in our thoughts, and it can provide a lot of reassurance that we are all in this together. 

Plenty of sleep 


Our brains can be on overdrive as soon as our head hits the pillow, but it is important for our health that we get sufficient sleep. A holistic approach to our healthcare is important because it allows us to disengage, switch off briefly, and feel rested and back in harmony with ourselves.


Stay safe everyone, and see you on the other side. 

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